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Eyes without lenses (aphakia)

The function-oriented IOL concept for aphakia – the optimal individual solution for any aphakia indication, by using the possible combinations of Special IOL with individual functions

The function-oriented concept for aphakia:


Basis IOL

Suitable for ca. 95% of patients. Implanted into the capsule bag, it allows good eye sight without glasses at a given range, chosen as a rule as distance vision. For near vision, glasses are usually necessary.

This IOL can be provided with individual functions.

Special IOL

Required for patients in which good vision without glasses cannot be achieved with a Basic IOL. This IOL has special functions for extreme near or farsightedness, strong astigmatism, or for implantation outside of the capsule bag

This IOL can be provided with individual functions.

Individual function

Currently available for "near vision" (diffractive optics), "extended retina protection" (blue filter) and the correction of moderate astigmatisms (cylinder). Each individual function can complete the functions of the 3 intraocular lenses when required.